Cheap vintage fountain pens

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cheap vintage fountain pens

Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 01 April - For me, it will be very interesting to collect the pens that aren't as wanted but are still just as good as their more popular counterparts. I don't know anything about brands and what there is available.

Any suggestions, or a push into the right direction would be greatly appreciated! You should probably have a Sheaffer inlaid nib in there. They certainly are an iconic American pen.

No other maker had anything quite like it. A Sheaffer Imperial or a Targa. I prefer the 14k nibs which will run a bit more but the Ft. Madison Stainless nibs are perfectly fine too.

Well, the supply of Esterbrook pens is seemingly endless, and very well priced. I started out with a single J that I paid a whopping 50 cents and now i'm up to somewhere around If you have any antique or junk shops nearby, or hear of any flea markets, go look there. Jesceral, my question exactly. Next question--what's the best source for acquiring these pens besides antique shops and ebay? For Sheaffer inlaids, check out Peyton Street Pens online.

Really nice selections of Sheaffers and many vintage nibs mounted in Ranga Ebonite bodies. Prices within your range and up. There are many sellers of vintage pens and a good place to start looking for them are in the FPN Mall. Yours, Randal From a person's actions, we may infer attitudes, beliefs, and values. We do not know these characteristics outright. The human dichotomies of trust and distrust, honor and duplicity, love and hate all depend on internal states we cannot directly experience.

Isn't this what adds zest to our life? I'm sorry, but you misspelled "section sealant". You already have three of the best in the category you specify. If you haven't gotten one already, I suggest a Parker 45 "Flighter" the term formally belongs only to the 51, but is often used to indicate all-stainless steel 45 pens as wellparticularly if you can find one without the plastic end and with a gold nib.

Along with the Esterbrook, look for a Merlin Sweet little pen, in colors similar in tone to Esties at least in my experience with them.New Pens.

Fountain Pens On Sale

Vintage Pens. Pre-Owned Pens. Pen Repairs. Shopping Cart. About us. Trading Post. Pen Brands. Items by Filling Mechanism. Nib Sizes. Vintage Pens: Parker Duofold Junior.

Streamlined for the future, Parker Duofold Junior model pens look like a quintessential piece of the art deco movement in the late s and s. Somebody's trusty daily driver, we've restored it with a new ink sac to keep it working as good as new.

Although this pen has moderate surface wear and brassing on the bottom cap band and ball of the clip, there are no cracks, bite marks or engravings. The imprint is still crisp and legible. Its original 14k gold nib writes a fine line with a hint of feedback. Click the headline for photos. Vintage Pens: Parker 61 Flighter. Parker 61 fountain pens brought about one of the last major innovations in filling systems.

Capillary filling. Basically an insert of little plastic capillaries was set inside a Teflon-coated tube. You dipped the tube in ink and it automatically slurped up ink until it was full. We think our Parker 61 Flighter is N.

Normally the used models have a black or blue capillary insert visible through the opening in the Teflon tube. This one is a lighter color like discolored pinkish, tan or white. No dents or significant scratches blemish the brushed steel cap and barrel. We dipped the 14k gold nib and it writes a medium line with a hint of feedback, like it needs to be broken in.Our new search experience requires JavaScript to be enabled.

Please enable JavaScript on your browserthen try again. Save vintage fountain pens to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Unfollow vintage fountain pens to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive. Turn off email alerts. Skip to main content. Refine more Format Format. Items in search results. Search refinements Categories. Collectibles 11, Pens 9, Fountain Pens 9, Other Fountain Pens 4, Parker 1, Sheaffer 1, Montblanc Waterman Esterbrook Pelikan Wahl, Eversharp Pilot Conklin Sailor Cross Faber Castell Aurora Jump to content.

You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 13 May - German vintage ' semi-flex stubs and those in oblique give the real thing in On Demand line variation.

Modern Oblique is a waste of money for a shadow of line variation. Being too lazy to Hunt for affordable vintage oblique pens, lets you 'hunt' for line variation instead of having it.

What Are Some Awesome, Inexpensive Vintage Fountain Pens I Can Buy?

The cheapest lessons are from those who learned expensive lessons. Ignorance is best for learning expensive lessons. Back to top 4 Pickwick Pickwick Pickwick.

They came as a boon, and a blessing to men, The Pickwick, the Owl and the Waverley pen Sincerely yours, Pickwick Back to top 5 tweexcore tweexcore Rare. Posted 14 May - Posted 15 May - Full flex and at the same time clean and free of issues enough to serve as a everyday writer? Good luck. The one I really liked was an Eversharp Stenographer's pen?

I think it had a fair amount of flex. I'm really not looking for a dip pen level nib, as I've tried that and found it really hard to write, but something that isn't too hard to get line variation from that can be used as an everyday writer, too. Posted 16 May - The very kind antiques pen seller at the Art Brown pen fair let me try out quite a few lovely flexible vintage pens today for the first time, and now I am a bit enamored yet at a loss, as every pen I tried cost well into the hundreds of dollars.

I would really my own vintage flexi pen--but where to look and what to look for? I prefer small and slender pens and am slightly picky about appearance.Jump to content.

You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 26 September - Sigh, looks like my next fountain pen might be going towards the vintage route.

I want to use a vintage pen for school so it should be reliable. And it should be very very very easy to service by my own as after buying it I am not looking forward to sending out somewhere else as shipping in Kuwait to send it out to someone will be very expensive and it is not reliable. I am thinking to for a Parker 45 as it can use a parker quink cartridge and that is available in every stationery shop in Kuwait. It should also not be too wet but maybe a nib size close to Lamy fine.

Price range is under dollars. If I were you, I would buy a restored Parker 51 Aerometric. They are cheap, extremely reliable, and well known for their quality and service. The Parker 51 is arguably one of the best fountain pens ever. Restored Parker 51 Aerometrics should have their pli-glass sac replaced, with is known to be really durable. If I were you, I'd go for the Parker 51 Aerometric.

Make sure you buy it already restored though, because only then are the very durable. I have two Parker 51 aerometrics, both with fine nibs, and they are wet enough that I am glad the nibs are not wider, given the range of paper I use. A P51 is my suggestion too though.

On medium quality paper, I would agree with the fine recommendation. My mediums can do ok on some pretty bleep paper, but they're pushing it. The fines doSkip to main content Fountain Pens On Sale.

Just received this fountain pen and it has already had quite the workout. The Pilot Metro is probably the best "bang for the buck" modern fountain pen out there.

My pen came complete with a squeeze type converter that seems to work very well. I prefer using bottled ink by Noodler's, Pelikan, Waterman, and Aurora and an entry level pen that comes with a converter was a huge plus for me.

The converter was pre-installed so I filled it with Noodler's Black Bulletproof black and started jotting some words down on cheap paper. With the Noodler's, the nib is very smooth and the ink flows well. While listed as a medium nib, I find the Pilot Metro to be more on the See All Buying Options.

I have not used the fountin pen for years and missed it. I bought this pen becasue it reviews are so good, I have to give a try. This fountain pen is very good indeed, First of all, the weight of the pen is appropriate, I don't like the light weight and plastic feeling.

Second, the nib is refine and smooth, it doesn't scratch paper. Overall, I will recommand it. Oh, I simply adore this little gem of a pen. Write's wonderfully, feels divine in one's hand, comes with a charger, and then That alone would make it lovely, but the addition of a small band of polka dots adds a touch of playfulness to this elegant writing piece, which makes me smile every time I see it. I love when you encounter the perfect marriage of form and function; add an incredible price to the mix, and you've got perfection.

Specifics: It comes with a cartridge and refillable charger, and an extra-fine nib, packaged in a lovely fitted gift box. All of that Are you still In Stock.

These pens write great and have good weight. The whole pen is metal except the section. All four come with converters and you get different types of nibs as well. If you are interested in the hobby and learning how to do your own maintenance these pens are great to get started with.

They are five stars because for 5 dollars a pen they look great, feel great, and are compliment magnets. Add to cart. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. I just recently bought this pen to start my fountain pen collection.

I couldn't have made a better choice. The online reviews are spot on this is a great pen for starters and it doesn't break the bank. The style is classic and it writes very well it has actually improved my hand writing!!!Fountain pens are not only a great hobby, but they make a mundane task writing things down much more fun. Lamy Safari This is the pen that got me started on the road to fountain pen obsession. Some may not like the triangular grip, but it really helps out beginners understand how to hold the pen properly.

The best part about the Safari is that the nibs can be easily swapped out for around 10 bucks, helping beginners to find their preference. Kaweco Sport When pocket friendly-ness is a must, the Kaweco Sport is always mentioned. When I got my first Sport, I was shocked at how small it was at first glance.

It looks uncomfortable at first, but post the cap and you will immediately be surprised at how well it feels and writes. Sailor Clear Candy Sailor is typically known for their high-end fountain pens.

Top 7 Beginner Fountain Pens Under $25

The brand has a long history in the category and their craftsmanship and nibs are great. The body is light and the star on the top adds some fun design flair. Pilot Metropolitan Regarded by many as the best deal in fountain pens, the Pilot Metropolitan stands out from the pack. The body is constructed of metal and the Japanese nibs glide across the page effortlessly. Available in several colors and patterns, there really is a Metropolitan for everyone.

Even though the pen is priced cheaply, it makes a great gift for fountain pen enthusiasts new and old.

Good Inexpensive Vintage Fountain Pen?

The Varsity by Pilot is a great way to get others interested in fountain pens. Platinum Preppy The Platinum Preppy is one of the first fountain pens that gets mentioned for beginners.

cheap vintage fountain pens

The stainless steel nib is smooth and the flow is right where it should be. Grab a few pens in different colors to feel out your preference! Parker IM Out of the bunch, this pen is the most classically designed example. Black lacquer over brass, a brushed gold metal grip, and the classic Parker arrow clip result in a pen that looks as great on a desk as any other.

The pen is hefty, comfortable, and a smooth writer. The nib on my particular pen wrote a bit narrower than a medium, but that helps on lower quality paper. Is anything missing from my list? Let me know your favorite budget fountain pen in the comments below! I do have first-hand, generally very positive, experience with the Jinhao X that Goulet sells.

I generally like broad nibs but sometimes the feeds on less expensive pens have a tough time keeping up, the feed on the Ahab keeps up like a champ with the broad nib since the it is meant to keep up with flex.

The Ahabs certainly have their warts, but the one I have has been great and I would bet you can find cheaper 6 nib options to pair it with.

cheap vintage fountain pens

Same for the Jinhao. I think it would be more of a turnoff to a beginner than anything. It seems to be positioned as a student pen, with the bright colors and unique shape, but I find it quite good, and fun to use. I would add the Platinum Plaisir to this list. Good list Ed.

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