Directv remote blinks 5 times

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RC71 remote, the LED randomly blinks briefly red

Try again. Select your option for personalized help. Program remote for your HDTV or audio device. Below is the most common way to program a Genie remote.

Stop when the green light at the top of the remote blinks twice. Power on the device you want your remote to control. Press MENU on your remote. Select the name of the device you wish to control with the remote. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete programming. The directions vary for different devices. Show more. Program remote manually for your HDTV or audio device.

Use the buttons on your Genie remote to enter the code Press the channel up button once. Press Enter. Stop when the green light at the top blinks twice. Enter the appropriate manufacturer's code. Did you get the help you needed? Yes No. We're so glad we could help. What worked?

Buttons not working on my Directv remote. HELP!?

Anything we can improve? Submit Cancel.Enter another ZIP to see info from a different area. Try these helpful tips if you're unable to change channels, adjust the volume or the Genie remote is not working. We can't find that ZIP Code. Try again. Select your option for personalized help. The Genie remote uses light to send the signal to the receiver. Turning the brightness down on the TV can resolve most signal issues.

If anything is blocking the receiver, this can affect the functionality of the remote. Even tempered glass in some entertainment centers can interfere with the signal. We recommend having the receiver placed in an area that is free and clear of obstructions.

Batteries and Receiver Input Setting Are you unable to change the channels or adjust the volume using your remote? The problem may be the batteries or the receiver input setting. If you see: A solid green light - the batteries are healthy. A slow, blinking green light or no light at all - your remote needs new batteries. To replace them, turn the remote over, remove the battery cover, and insert two AA batteries.

At the bottom of the remote, to the right of the zero, hold down the enter button for three seconds. Look for the name of the input source for your receiver.

Try out the different inputs to find the one set up for your TV. Check that the remote pairs with the receiver. The remote is synced. Show more. Receiver and remote control reset. If the buttons on your remote, such as Menu, are not working it could be the receiver.

Try resetting the receiver, and if that does not work, reset the remote control. Reset a receiver Locate the reset button. With others, the button is on the side of the receiver.Forums Search forums. What's new Unread posts Latest posts New profile posts. Members Current visitors Search profile posts.

Log in. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Search forums. RC71 remote, the LED randomly blinks briefly red. Thread starter upsss Start date Mar 5, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. Jun 24, 46 AZ. What does it mean when on the RC71 remote, randomly on some button press the LED blinks briefly red and then continuous blinking green as usual?

When that happens, that key press doesn't do anything as if the key was never pressed. Battery seems still to be good. Oct 22, 4, 18 Binghamton, NY. Lanarian SatelliteGuys Pro.

Direct TV remote won't respond

Mar 2, 0 Pocatello Idaho. Usually, if it's blinking Red, it means an invalid button was pressed. In my experience it's usually when your trying to program the remote, and hit a wrong button usually, hitting "Select" when you should be hitting "Enter".Ask our experts!

See all of today's deals. Friday, April 17, Did your remote stop working? Here are some very simple steps you can take to get function back.

directv remote blinks 5 times

First, reset the receiver. Find the red reset button, located either on the front of the receiver behind a spring-loaded door, or on the side. Press it and wait about ten minutes. If not, look at your remote and see if the light at the top lights up when you press a button. Depending on your setup, this may be automatic or you may have to enter codes into your remote. The remote will flash four times and should now be reset.

This puts your Genie remote into IR mode and you should be able to use it to program the DVR to put the remote back into RF mode if you want to, and to program it to control the volume on the TV.

If you need to change other settings that are specific to the receiver, like the receiver mode for example, if the receiver is set to one of the "other modes" that allow more than one receiver to be used in the same room, you should now be able to use your remote to go into the programming and advanced menus on the receiver. Novi, MI Satellite Equipment. Cell Phone Accessories.

Car and Truck Equipment. Commercial Equipment. Video Surveillance. Shop by Brand. Shop by Category. About Solid Signal. E-mail Preferences. Affiliate Program. Customer Testimonials. View Mobile Site. Privacy Policy. Contact Us.Remote control issues are always frustrating and put our nerves and patience to the test every single time we are forced to handle them. If the buttons on your DirecTV remote control are unresponsive, you can either follow a few basic troubleshooting steps and try to solve this problem on your own, or you could contact a TV repair expert and save time, money, and a lot of energy in the process.

DirecTV remote buttons not working? In some cases, you may actually manage to fix this problem without any help from an expert. Start by gently cleaning your receiver and the upper side of your remote control with a soft, dry cloth. Still bothered by the same problem? If so, all you have to do is to reset the remote and restore its default settings.

Take the batteries out then simply press the 1 button on the remote for ten seconds. Afterwards, push the select and mute buttons simultaneously. A green light should flash twice. After completing this phase, press 9,8,1 and wait for the green light to flash 4 times in a row. If the problem persists, DirecTV will offer you a new, cost-free remote, as long as you benefit from the extended guarantee the company offers. Otherwise you will have to invest to purchase a new remote control.

DirecTV remote buttons not working still? Take the easy way out and contact a TV repair expert. Identify the best ones with TalkLocala free service to help you meet skilled, trustworthy professionals offering affordable services in you area, when you need them most. This entry was originally posted on Monday, October 28th, at am and is filed under TV Repair. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

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Call Us. They like us, You Should Too.My volume, mute, menu, info, and guide buttons aren't working on my remote. Can someone please help me. I have called them, they put me on hold for 30 minutes, then hang up. I don't know.

directv remote blinks 5 times

Please help! If you have a white universal remote and the number on the top right is larger than RC do NOT use duracell batteries. Than can cause it. But the basic troubleshooting steps is resetting the remote by taking batteries out and holding the 1 button down for 10 seconds then restoring defaults doing this you will have to reprogram your remote to the tv by going through the menus. If when you press the buttons and the green light doesn't come on at all after you tried a new set of batteries aren't duracell then you'll probably need a new remote due to the buttons aren't being registered on the remote.

Hope this helped. Press the Directv Button on your remote and then try to operate your remote. Answer Save. But the basic troubleshooting steps is resetting the remote by taking batteries out and holding the 1 button down for 10 seconds then restoring defaults doing this you will have to reprogram your remote to the tv by going through the menus to restore the default settings press and hold the mute and select button down until the green light at the top flashes twice- after so enter "" green light should flash four times then it should work with your equipment.

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directv remote blinks 5 times

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Guide to Resetting a DIRECTV Remote Control for Genie and Regular Remotes

My rc71 direct tv remote green light flashes five times and will not operate mini or my tv? The remote for my direct tv will not operate tv or genie mini it was previously working with. Asked by: Sailorsteve. Ads by Google. This site is best viewed while logged in. Top Solutions. This is a indicator of battery not begin charged by alternator and soon it will need to be replaced.

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