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We can find the answers together. Whether your need is for autonomous vehicles or aftermarket repair, we can help. Learn more about our solutions for:. Case Study.

Learn how our structural and glass bonding expertise contributed to the success of a new lightweight six-passenger electric taxi. We are committed to delivering advanced materials and solutions to our customers across every vehicle sector and geography. With support from hundreds of engineers, researchers, and scientists who specialize in transportation, we can collaborate with you to create unprecedented results in:.

Learn how we helped save weight and cost by replacing two cast aluminum engine cover components with resins. How can we help you? Learn more. Bond dissimilar substrates for lighter weight, improved efficiencies, and better strength. For structural bonding, sealing of stationary vehicle glass, headliner bonding, and more.

Get the flexibility of rubber with the strength and processability of thermoplastics. Widely used in applications like powertrains where heat and chemical resistance, and specific rubber-like qualities are needed.

See our portfolio of proven nylon resin materials for a range of performance benefits including stiffness and heat resistance. Resource Center. SDS Finder.

Contact Us. Find a Product. Global solutions for advanced mobility Backed by extensive experience in application development, testing, and quality. Our global and regional customers count on us for unmatched quality, unique insights, and reliability. Case Study Learn how our structural and glass bonding expertise contributed to the success of a new lightweight six-passenger electric taxi. Industry Trends We are committed to delivering advanced materials and solutions to our customers across every vehicle sector and geography.

Case Study Learn how we helped save weight and cost by replacing two cast aluminum engine cover components with resins. Our Products. See all automotive products. Feb 01 Want to talk to an expert?DuPont ChromaBase, an automobile paint part of the ChromaSystem, is a basecoat that dries quickly, giving the surface a good fill in an easy-to-use application.

ChromaBase is available premixed or factory packaged. It is used for covering repairs or spot repairs in solid and special-effect colors, such as metallics and pearls. ChromaBase is not available to the general public; it is for professional or trained users only. Inspect all of the autobody repairs on the vehicle you are preparing to paint with DuPont ChromaBase paint. Ensure the new and old parts match and all the autobody repairs are completed properly.

Check to be sure any part not attached to the vehicle fits properly before painting begins. Clean all paint booths and bays, removing all parts and debris. Remove all wax from the vehicle with a wax remover.

Power wash the vehicle you are preparing for painting before driving it into the paint booth or bay. After cleaning, place all parts that will be painted separately from the vehicle in a different paint booth.

Be sure the vehicle and all parts are dry before putting them in a paint booth. Remove or cover all areas of the vehicle or vehicle parts that are undamaged and do not need painting.

Use paper to cover these areas and secure it in place with masking tape. The mixture should be one-to-one, or one part ChromaBase and one part Basemaker.

Mix thoroughly with a mixing stick. The Basemaker activation reducer must be chosen based on the temperature of the area you will be painting in and the type of cover you need.

For instance, Basemaker S is for low temperatures and can be used for spot repair and panel repair but should not be used for overall repair. See the Resources to determine the appropriate Basemaker you need to mix with your ChromaBase paint. Add 1 ounce of ChromaPremier Activator to the mix from Step 4 per quart of the mix.

Activate only the amount of paint you intend to use. Mix in no more than 5 percent tint. Fill your paint sprayer and hook it to your air compressor. The air compressor setting will vary depending on the sprayer, so read the manufacturer's instructions.

Apply a coat of paint using the sprayer, according to the manufacturer's instructions.Skip to main content.

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Filter by vehicle:. Filter Results. Enable JavaScript to use the part finder, or see our list of vehicles. In"Dodge Ram" was rebranded as "Ram". To add Ram trucks for and beyond: 1. Select the vehicle year. Select Ram in the Make menu. Your Garage 0. You have no vehicles in your garage. To add a new vehicle, select the year, make, and model at left.

We're sorry! We encountered an error while updating the page. Please hit the "Reload" button on your browser. See more choices. Tube, White, FREE Shipping on eligible orders. See Size Options. Plasti Dip Glossifier See Style Options. Some options are Prime eligible. Spraymax 2K Clear. Only 7 left in stock - order soon. Previous Page 1 2 Free Shipping by Amazon.

Spray Max. Frustration-Free Packaging. Last 30 days Last 90 days. Amazon Global Store. Harpy Motors.Learn More. Proven nylon resin materials offer a range of performance benefits, from stiffness to heat resistance. For stiffness, toughness as well as excellent electrical insulation properties and beautiful surface finishes. Look no further. We understand that consumer needs drive design, and we have the expertise, materials, and testing capabilities to deliver on those expectations.

Resource Center. SDS Finder. Contact Us. Find a Product. DuPont offers the materials, engineering, and processing capabilities that can enable customers to achieve these goals for innovative chassis, interior, and exterior applications.

Applications DuPont innovations at work. Auto fasteners. LED Lighting. Door systems. Fluid management tubing. Headlamp bezels. Seating systems. Featured Brands. Highly crystalline engineering thermoplastics for high-load mechanical applications. Looking for long-lasting comfort, convenience, style, and performance?

Explore Learn more about our automotive portfolio:.How can we help you manage challenges in lightweighting, durability, comfort, safety or efficiency? Our solutions cover the entire vehicle and can help with everything from advanced mobility concepts to aftermarket repair. We have the experience, advanced technology and global reach to offer the support you need. We have great ideas based on decades of experience and materials solutions that were pioneered by our innovation.

Our global and regional customers count on us for unmatched quality, unique insights and reliability. This part was produced using snap-fit assembly and a one-step injection molding process, enabling integrated seal elements capable of sealing with a cast surface.

The automotive industry has an increasing need for high-performance, environmentally sustainable fibers. Our Solution Finder can find DuPont brands and products to help your company solve its challenges. Not sure where to start? Try our Solution Finder. It can find any of our brands or products in an instant. Our science and innovation have helped transform products, services and materials across a broad range of industries.

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dupont automotive paint

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dupont automotive paint

News View all. Keep Exploring.Under the new name, Axalta remains the world's leading provider of innovative automotive refinishing products, helping body shops improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Collision centers and custom painters around the world depend on the quality of Axalta refinishing products to deliver accurate OEM finishes as well as unique custom colors.

Even though DuPont is now under Axalta Coating Systems, the auto brand still continues to focus on superior quality and application. PPG is one of the only automotive refinishing supply companies able to provide any type of automotive coating for body shops.

Spies Hecker, a benchmark in vehicle refinishing, is one of the largest suppliers of automotive refinishing products. The Spies Hecker mission is to provide the most efficient auto refinishing system available. Refinishing efficiency lowers costs and reduces energy consumption which in turn allows auto body repair shops to lower costs for customers.

Spies Hecker uses its top systems, the efficiency system and universal system, to provide the best auto refinishing services possible. BASF is the top expert in the coatings industry, ensuring superior auto refinishing services.

They understand how your success is their success which is why they only provide top of the line refinishing systems. Using the most advanced color matching system in the industry ensures complete customer satisfaction. Or visit us at one of four storefront locations in WaukeshaWalworthMiddletonand Racine. Car Paint Brands. Auto Body Fillers. Body Shop Booth Equipment. Automotive Spray Paint Equipment. Plastic Repair. Other Body Shop Equipment.

Auto Refinishing Abrasives.

dupont automotive paint

Waukesha E. Main St. Walworth N. Racine Hamilton Ave. Middleton Laura Ln. All Rights Reserved.Learn something new every day More Info The four basic types of paint available today are: acrylic lacqueracrylic enamel, acrylic urethane and water-based. Lacquer-based auto paint was popular between the mid s and s, and is still available today, though it has become illegal in certain areas. Lacquer paint is cheap and goes on easy for the inexperienced painterplus it provides a nice high gloss.

Lacquer auto paint is available in aerosol spray cans and for use with spray guns, but is not generally recommended. Enamel paints dry to a hard shell making them tougher than lacquer paints. Professional shops bake on enamel paint in heated bays or "ovens," but enamels are also available in aerosol cans and for use with spray guns. Enamels, while tougher than lacquer, do not lay down as easily as lacquer paint, making them trickier for the Do-It-Yourselfer DIYer to apply. This translates to more finishing work.

Some enamel colors require a clear topcoat, known as a two-stage system, while others can be used alone, referred to as a single-stage system. Urethane paints are newer than enamels, are more expensive and more trouble, but they lay down easily like lacquer while having the toughness of enamels. This auto paint requires three products: the color, a reducer to thin the color to the right viscosity for the spray gun, and a catalyst used to accelerate drying time.

Once the paint is mixed, it must be used quickly and unused paint must be discarded. Urethane auto paint is highly toxic, and though a facemask is standard for all paint jobs, gloves, coveralls, and a respirator are mandatory for working with urethane auto paint.

Like enamels, urethanes can be used alone or in multi-stage paint systems that utilize a final protective clearcoat. A two-stage urethane paint system is the most recommended system as it provides easy-on paint, minimum finish work, and optimum results: a paint job that, with a little care, can look brand new year after year.

Urethane clearcoat is also purchased as three products: clear, reducer and catalyst to be used with a spray gun, though there is form of urethane clearcoat available in an aerosol can. The newest auto paint technology has brought us non-toxic water-based paints. These paints are the most versatile of all, able to be applied to metal, primeror to an existing paint job.

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Water-based auto paint is especially popular for use in adding graphics to a vehicle or motorcycle, but can also be used to paint the entire vehicle. Being non-toxic this choice is perfect for the DIYer to use in the home garagehowever it does require a topcoat of clear urethane to protect the paint. Water-based paint is no doubt the future of the auto paint industryhowever the line of colors is still expanding.

If looking to re-paint a panel with a need to match factory paint, you might have to wait for the introduction of pre-mixed factory colors, or let a professional shop do the job for you. Not much point in forcing everyone into going water based, like they did in the US in Januaryif it still requires deadly urethane anyway, is there?

The whole point of solvent based paints is so you don't need sterile laboratory conditions and a gazilion dollar downdraft setup like water based requires.

DuPont Refinish The best treatment a car can get 480p

Remember the General Motors nightmare from using water based paints, with paint peeling off in sheets at a time? Well, it is water colors! I know several friends who have tried Dupont Cromax water and hated it.

Just another government ploy to shaft the little guy. Can you use conventional petroleum-based cleaners, wax, bug and tar remover, or does one have to go to some other type of car care materials, like synthetic waxes and cleaners? It goes on easy. And to retain much of its gloss for years, you simply apply a clear coat of lacquer.

It is, in fact, a softer paint, but not by much. Factor this in: How can the other harder paints withstand stone chips, bird droppings that will eat at any type of paint, door dings and etc? The only thing I can think of here is that I have repaired a lot of door dings because body metal is thinner, to the point of very lightly scuffing the newer urethanes.

Meaning that you can buff them out. But the ding still stays. To repair the ding, you have to open the paint, fill the ding, and repaint! At this point it does not matter what type of paint was used! Bottom line: Lacquers are just getting hard to purchase.

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