Fortnite hyperthreading

Click here for our wiki! Intel Extreme M Flashpoint Seas ESL Swiss Leagu LIVE R. Community Suggestions. Stream Highlight Shroud: Turning off hyper-threading gives more fps in csgo according to skadoodle Tyler clips.

I feel it is really random at times.


I got really random average fps readings when I tried to test if my overclocking affected my fps. Sometimes I would get a better average fps with my browser running on background and lower if I only ran the game. No it's not, because there's more room for human error, like where you're standing and stuff.

A benchmark map gives everyone that same controlled setting and conditions, giving you a variable controlled comparison.

It's the same baseline for everybody. There is no random event which can affect your framerate. Each test will encounter the same things. You can compare performance accross hardware part, or configuration CPU frequency, nvidia settings, launch options, etc. I don't say it's a perfect benchmark but it's the best available to compare your setup Gotta try on my main pc later, whcih has an i7 Unfortunately your work might be in vain, shrood said it is disabled in the BIOS which should make a difference.

Your isn't going to bottleneck CS:GO I just don't get the downvotes. Something to note here is that the Source engine is single-threaded.

Single-core performance is the most important aspect to consider when trying to get the most FPS possible out of the game. Hyper-Threading works by essentially adding 2 virtual cores also called "logical processors" to each physical core on your CPU, to try to balance out the workload. Hyper-Threading can't help much for single-threaded workloads, so it's not always viable or easy to balance things across virtual cores.

Single threaded games have a single 'main' process and a single 'main' thread to handle the majority if not all of the games workload.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New resources New profile posts Latest activity.

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New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I can post my specs if necessary. Taylor Haight New Member. I have the same issue. I would love a post or email preferably email to a possible solution.

I have tried alot of things from the chat and general computer knowledge. The weird thing for me is that the IN GAME lag happens with or without actively streaming, so long as the obs app is open it happens. Is there any type of conflict between running both programs together or some weird thing i havent thought of? Essentially no difference in hardware performance in or out of the lag sessions. SumDim Member.

You got a very good GPU that will get the job done. You got a crap CPU with no hyperthreading. Unfortunately, that makes the game look like crap as well. On YT, it will look damn good if you know what you are doing. Cryptoplasm New Member. SumDim said:. Your pc specification is good enough but you still facing lag spikes, then go to google and search fortnite lag fix.

I hope you will get a better solution.

How to BOOST FPS in Fortnite Chapter 2... (MTR ON V.S. MTR OFF!)

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Lock your frames to FPS.

How Hyper-Threading Works (and When You Want It In Your PC)

My last quad-core was a K, and I found that HT on with an affinity mask of worked well. That keeps core 0 and 1 confined to a single virtual CPU, and allows texture loading etc on both virtual CPUs on cores System: iK 5. I keep HT off. Sim is smooth running.

If it ain't broke don't fix it. Also, affinity masks are of less value since V4. All the above answers are why it's PC dependent. Every PC runs diffrently. It's a mind field and time costly. No point in saying what works on my 4 core as I have spent hours getting P3D working as it does. It also well might not work on yours. David Murden. Happy you have it running well! I just figured I'd share that we've had numerous conversations threads here on AVSIM on this topic each year since aroundand I've contributed to those threads.

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fortnite hyperthreading

We reset this goal every new year for the following year's goal. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. Posted March 15, Greetings Erik. Share this post Link to post. Matt Wilson. But yes, system and configuration dependent. YMMV Regards. Posted March 15, edited. Edited March 15, by BillS Off - reason is can now run stable at 5ghz instead of 4.

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fortnite hyperthreading

Looking at the results, although the average FPS is higher all around, the low fps's are significantly higher which means less stutters, which is all I needed! I have a ryzen and 8 gigs of ram, I'll test this out when I get home and I'll let you know. Could you explain the target setting again? What should I put in? Edit: if anyone sees this, my microstutters have almost completely stopped. I recommend this method. Try this cmd.

Average FPS is not really a reliable way to measure performance though :. In this case, you won't benefit from this unfortunately :. This guide is for CPUs that aren't being fully utilized. Great submission. Using a 3gb. Its the reason why I got rid of my k for a Fortnite runs much better. That is what I'm saying. Your PC doesn't have enough resources for the game and background processes causing performance issues.

Im currently on a i7 3. Yes, if you have 4 cores and 8 threads, you can try with this string as your target.Do you need your PC to become faster without going for a hardware makeover? Then consider hyper-threading the cores of your central processing unit CPU. Intel refers to simultaneous multithreading SMT as hyper-threading. It means splitting each of the physical cores in a CPU into virtual cores known as threads.

In this case, enabling hyper-threading creates four threads, allowing each core to perform two tasks at the same time. This process improves the efficiency and boosts the performance of your CPU. You can then run more than a few demanding programs at the same time without experiencing any lag.

But most video games that are now being released usually do well on hyper-threaded CPUs. It helps only if the tasks you perform require it, in which case there can be as much as a 30 percent increase in speed and performance. Also, if you have to make a choice between two CPUs where one has more physical cores while the other has fewer but with hyper-threading enabled, it is better to go for the former.

For instance, if you have an opportunity to use a quad-core four cores CPU without hyper-threading enabled, it is preferable to choose it over a dual-core two cores hyper-threaded CPU.

However, if the HT-enabled CPU also has four cores, then the choice will now depend on the kind of apps you run on your computer. You can look up how to do so for your device. Keep in mind that not all processors allow hyper-threading.

How to enable hyper-threading in Windows 10 and is it needed?

If they both have the same value, it means that your CPU cores are not hyper-threaded. But if the number of logical processors is two times the number of cores, then hyper-threading is enabled. Ad blockers may interfere with some important blog features, such as comments, images, etc. Please consider disabling your ad blocker so you can have the best experience on this website. Auslogics Articles. How to enable hyper-threading in Windows 10 and is it needed? By Tobenna Nnabeze February 28, greater than 2 minutes.

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fortnite hyperthreading

All rights reserved. Ad Blocker Detected Ad blockers may interfere with some important blog features, such as comments, images, etc. Got it.We now know that Fortnite does not distribute CPU loads uniformly over available resources.

fortnite hyperthreading

Two of our Ryzen processor's cores are more heavily utilized than the rest, so let's see what happens when we start dialing back the number of active threads. Reducing the number of available logical cores leads to a slight drop in average and minimum frame rates.

In other words, a CPU with just two cores should be sufficient to play Fortnite at x under the Epic quality preset with a mainstream graphics card. Radeon RX Vega Image 1 of 6. Image 2 of 6. Image 3 of 6. Image 4 of 6. Image 5 of 6. Image 6 of 6. Fortnite View Deal. Topics Gaming. See all comments 8. I think this display would be better than the current one, because you could see the performance profile at a glance: the colors would shift from highly loaded at the top to slightly loaded at the bottom.

The current graph doesn't show this definitely, since the high loads on the two threads may have occurred at different times in the test. I feel this is very important, since it would indicate an almost certain CPU bottleneck.

I'm impressed by the fact that the GTX can still hang in there with playable frame rates at P :D. Unreal Engine 4 does seem capable of exploiting the Ryzen CPU's resources, just not in a perfectly homogeneous fashion. Maybe some other UE4 game. You turn down the eye candy until your graphics can handle it, and your CPU is not a big concern.

Damn, from the title i hoped you took a mining mainboard and somehow made it work with all 10 at the same time :. The graphics are pretty weak considering how much hardware processing power is required. Cartoonish really. I doubt that has much to do with Unreal Engine 4. Also the recommended specs from the game devs seem really underpowered.

Would have liked to see just how low the settings would have to be under those conditions. How were you able to set core affinities in the first place? It looks as though they've patched the game and it won't allow users to set affinity in Windows 10 or Process Lasso for the Fortnite exe. I want to lock the game to 4 cores, and use my other 4 cores for streaming.

Someone please help!Hyper-Threading has been in Intel's processors for years. It's the main difference between the Core i5 and i7, and that many games don't use it explains why i5s power some serious gaming rigs. If you've been considering an upgrade but you're not sure if you need Hyper Threading, this video from Techquickie will help.

Strictly speaking, Hyper-Threading is best applied to operations and applications where multiple tasks can be intelligently scheduled so there's no idle time on your processor.

Tasks like video editing, 3D rendering, and heavy multi-tasking are great examples. Similarly, Hyper Threading can help a CPU push light tasks like background applications or browser windows to one processor, while heavy applications like games or full-screen video goes to another. On the other hand, operations where tasks have to be done in serial, or where one operation has to take place before another can begin, generally don't benefit from Hyper-Threading.

Whether you have a single core or a quad core, Hyper-Threading can optimize tasks that can be conducted in parallel so the whole operation is faster—but it's not the same as or even similar to increasing your number of processing cores.

It does come with downsides heat output and power consumption, for examplebut the benefits usually outweigh them. Check out the full video for more detail. Informative, thanks! I didn't actually know what Hyperthreading was until now.

Everything you need to know about and expect during. The A. Alan Henry. Filed to: processors. Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe. The fox reference was kind of useless.

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