Trap stories

It was PM when it was one minute until school ended. I was excited because today was a very special day because today it was the day that I was going to meet my new neighbor. As I ran home with glee I saw the movers pull up to my next door house and begin to unload. I went over and saw a girl with blonde hair, light blue eyes, and a short skirt but something was weird about her skirt it was rather I went over and said "Hi my name is Jeff and I am your new neighbor. Do you need help with your boxes?

After helping her we went inside her house with the boxes still unpacked. So I went around her house looking at it. The house seemed very empty. As I am a nosy person I decided to be a dumb ass and look in a box. I grabbed a key from my pocket and tore open a box.

As I slowly opened it there I found the strangest thing I had ever seen I found large baby toys, and medium sized disposable diapers I heard Jessica come into the room so I quickly closed the box. She handed me my tea and asked if I wanted sugar or cream and I said no thanks. We began to make small talk and then found out a lot about each other. The clock turned P. I went into the kitchen that had two small boxes that we could sit on and a large one for a table.

As soon as I woke up I looked around and saw I was in jail. I began to freak out when I noticed it was not a jail but a very large crib. As I tried to lift my legs and arms I had no control.

I couldn't move a muscle except for my neck. I began to move my neck and I felt my legs being pushed and my butt in the air. As my face began to have the look that I needed to go Jessica said "Does baby need to poopy, awwww how cute. As I finished she look at me smiled and picked me up and set me on the diaper table.

She then stuck a needle in my arm and I lost all control of my nerves and couldn't move or speak except gibberish. Jessica said as she began to lift my butt and wipe my butt "Your going to be my baby forever!

As she put the new diaper on me I began to cry. I would love this to happen to me. Written By: Baby Boo Boo.Revised Originally published in Freeway, the Intermediate level English newsmagazine.

Setting a TRAP for pandemic-causing viruses

Republication on other websites or in print is not authorised. Like many teenagers, Martin needed a bit of money; and the offer of a job clearing out an old house seemed to be just what he needed.

🐹🦂Scorpion maze with Traps hamster Police Pets🐹 in Hamster Stories

But why did McAlister really want everything to be packed up in boxes?. Here are some of his answers. What questions could his friends have asked? ExactlyI know, 'cos we had to number each one. No, of course not! Oh, just like an ordinary removals man. Quite strong, you know.

Emmy did. Of course not, British cops don't carry guns, do they! Four hundred quid, between me and Emmy! I've used it already! I got a new phone. I don't know! I don't suppose they'll tell me, even if they do!

trap stories

European law requires us to inform you that like most websites Linguapress uses cookies. Intermediate reading resources. English grammar online. Language games and puzzles. List b 1. Discover Britain. A selection of other resources in graded English from Linguapress. Selected pages. More: More intermediate reading texts. Advanced level reading :. More: More advanced reading texts.

Selected grammar pages. Reported questions in English.A deathtrap is a literary and dramatic plot device in which a villain who has captured the hero or another sympathetic character attempts to use an elaborate, improbable, and usually sadistic method of murdering them. It is often used as a means to create dramatic tension in the story and to have the villain reveal important information to the hero, confident that the hero will shortly not be able to use it.

trap stories

It may also be a means to show the hero's resourcefulness in escaping, or the writer's ingenuity at devising a last-minute rescue or deus ex machina. This plot device is generally believed to have been popularized by movie serials and 19th-century theatrical melodramas. Its use in the James Bond film series and superhero stories is well known. It is a common criticism that it is unbelievable in story plots to have villains try to kill the heroes in such elaborate ways when they could use simple methods like shooting them.

Throughout the decades, comic book writers have responded to these complaints by devising ways in which the deathtraps have served other purposes. For instance, one Legion of Super-Heroes story by Jim Shooter had a team of Legionnaires put into a variety of deathtraps and the villains wanted the heroes to successfully escape. This was because the real purpose of the deathtraps was to have the Legionnaires use a great deal of energy doing so, which the villains then harnessed for their own benefit.

Other stories have had villains use deathtraps as a means of testing the heroes or to distract them while the villain attends to other matters. Another rationalization for a deathtrap is when a particular villain simply enjoys leaving his victims some small chance of survival, just for the sake of sport.

Such "sporting" villains include the Riddlerwho has an uncontrollable compulsion to create intellectual challenges for his enemies. Also included in this list is the Jigsaw Killerwho places his victims in life-or-death situations to prove that they appreciate life.

The Joker and Arcade are other villains who simply enjoy the challenge. On occasion, the villain may employ a slow deathtrap because they enjoy their victim's suffering prior to death, either due to sadistic tendencies or a desire for painful vengeance. In a similar vein, the villain, often a megalomaniacmay feel that, as a reflection of his own imagined greatness, it would be "beneath him" to murder his enemy like any common criminal, and that his enemy's death should be the worthy spectacle that a successful deathtrap would provide.

In contrast, he may feel that his enemy, having provided him with a worthy challenge in their earlier encounters, himself "deserves" such a grandiose death, or that the enmity between the two is so "epic" that it merits no less than such a conclusion.

Conversely, the protagonists' act of falling into such a trap may itself be the reason they are written off and left unattended. The villain, disappointed in such a non-threatening opponent, loses interest, and intentionally leaves some chance of escape for the protagonists to "redeem" themselves.

However, the disillusioned villain tends to assume that the chance is minuscule.Officials hope to find and destroy the colonies before the hornets begin reproducing queens and drones in mid-September. Washington residents will likely see more Asian giant hornets in August and September as their colonies develop, the department cautioned. If you think you see one, the WSDA asks you report it to agr. Write to Madeleine Carlisle at madeleine. A photograph of the hornet that was trapped near Birch Bay laid next to a ruler for scale, as provided in a Washington State Department of Agriculture statement on July 31, By Madeleine Carlisle.

The "murder hornet" that was trapped near Birch Bay in July laid next to two example "murder hornets" for comparison. Washington State Department of Agriculture. Get The Brief.

trap stories

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Related Stories. Sign Up for Newsletters Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know now on politics, health and more.The decision revealed Tuesday means that AAA will no longer warn its members to drive with extreme caution or take alternate routes from U.

Highway through the towns northeast of Gainesville. According to AAA, improvements include increased warnings, more officer training and participation in national traffic safety campaigns. Waldo and Lawtey were first designated by AAA as traffic traps in Augustafter complaints they were padding their coffers with traffic ticket revenues. Over the years, AAA issued regular warnings and even put up a billboard on the road near the towns.

Yet, the tickets continued to be written, and the outcry grew. A ban on traffic-ticket quotas is approved by state lawmakers. The law also requires a city or county to report to state officials if traffic ticket revenue exceeds a third of the cost of operating its law-enforcement agency.

The police force is later abolished. Smith offers no apologies and is insulted by the speed-trap tag. His comments come after the AAA puts up a billboard warning that Waldo is a speed trap.

State officials and AAA stripe the pavement of State Road 24 with white bars going into Waldo to warn drivers to slow down. The speed limit on the road drops from 65 mph to 35 mph to 15 mph as it reaches and goes through Waldo.

Waldo and Lawtey are first declared speed traps by AAA. The club warns its members to take alternate routes. Video: The latest politics news from the Orlando Sentinel. Skip to content. The tiny town of Waldo in north Florida is no longer the nation's worst speed trap, the AAA auto and travel club says.

April August Bargain Hunter Newsletter. You are now following this newsletter. See all newsletters.A research team led by Nagoya University scientists in Japan has developed an approach that can quickly find synthetic proteins that specifically bind to important targets, such as components of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The method was published in the journal Science Advances and could be used to develop test kits or for finding treatments.

Murakami and his colleagues had previously developed a protein selection lab test called TRAP display, which stands for "transcription-translation coupled with association of puromycin linker. But their investigations indicated there was a problem with the puromycin linker. In the current study, the team improved their technique by modifying the puromycin linker.

Deathtrap (plot device)

The approach took only four days compared to the weeks it would take using the commonly used messenger RNA display technology. TRAP display involves using a large number of DNA templates that code for and synthesize trillions of proteins carrying random peptide sequences. The synthetic proteins are linked to DNA with the help of the modified puromycin linker and then exposed to a target protein.

When the whole sample is washed, only the synthetic proteins that bind to the target remain. These are then placed back into the TRAP display for further rounds until only a small number of very specific target-binding synthetic proteins are left.

One also attaches to the virus to prevent it from binding to the receptors it uses to gain access to human cells. This suggests this protein could be used as a treatment strategy. Explore further. More from Chemistry. Your feedback will go directly to Science X editors. Thank you for taking your time to send in your valued opinion to Science X editors.

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Home Chemistry Biochemistry.Mike Pappas was marching through the Mott Haven neighborhood of the Bronx with hundreds of peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters on June 4 when he noticed a shift in behavior among the dozens of police officers who had been trailing them for the last hour.

About 10 minutes before the start of an 8 p. They held bikes against their bodies as barriers to prevent the protesters from moving forward, while another line of officers closed in on them from behind. Panic set in as police began pushing the protesters back and arresting them en masse.

Waldo is no longer the nation's worst speed trap, AAA says

Some officers got on top of police cars and swung their batons downward as penned-in protesters crashed into each other and tried jumping over one another in an attempt to escape, according to Pappas and footage captured by several other witnesses.

After interviewing 81 protesters and analyzing videos, the global advocacy group said the crackdown was among the most aggressive police responses to protests in the U. Citywide, dozens of protesters testified in June about being shoved, kicked and violently wrangled by police, during a three-day public hearing held online by the New York attorney general.

Some displayed cuts and bruises as they told investigators they were kicked in the jaw, thrown against brick walls and pushed off bikes. NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea testified that hundreds of police officers were injured during the first few nights of protests as some demonstrators looted and threw bottles, bricks, trash cans and rocks at them. Others set fire to police vehicles and attacked precincts.

Despite identifying himself to police as a medic and wearing green scrubs, Pappas, 30, was among the more than people arrested in Mott Haven on June 4. Nationwide, dozens of people have been beaten with batons, hit by cars, doused in pepper spray and critically wounded by rubber bullets, beanbag rounds and other non-lethal but dangerous weapons. Yet at least protesters were shot in the head, face and neck with various projectiles, including bullets and tear gas canisters, between May 26 and July 27, according to a report by Physicians for Human Rights.

The nonprofit health advocacy group compiled its data from news and medical reports, social media posts and lawsuits. Advocates warn the Mott Haven crackdown and other instances of alleged police misconduct could cost taxpayers millions of dollars in settlements from lawsuits. That number could increase exponentially ina year which has seen the largest sustained mobilization in modern U.

At least 98 Mott Haven protesters and observers have so far filed notice of their intent to sue the city, according to HRW. Contact us at letters time. Demonstrators after being detained by police officers during a protest against the death of George Floyd in Mott Haven, the Bronx, on June 4, By Melissa Chan. Get The Brief. Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now.

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